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it's been a lot to change

but you will always get what you want.

a quiet, fun-filled person.

in my dreams i see you again

This is the profile of Famoosed, a person who is a self-proclaimed genius. You are plenty welcome to look around my graphics community, but for now my actual journal is locked to friends. I don't accept friends at the moment, sorry!

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100x100, 80's clothes, :d, a life without war, adobe photoshop, adventures, alternative rock, anime, anti-animal cruelty, antique pianos, arguments ending in hugs, bagels& strawberry cream cheese, baked potatoes, barack obama, being fashionably late, bella swan, black is back, blogging, boredom kills, british& canadian& australian accents, broken toy airplanes, brownie batter, brushes, century gothic, changing the world, chicago the windy city, chinese takeout boxes, chocolate chip cookies, christmas smells and atmosphere, cinematic wonders, colour with a u, comics, complicated words, cookies, crayola crayons, creativity, crossiants with cream&jam, curiosity, cynicism & sarcasm, dancing, dancing through rain puddles, dice, dreams, dreams of reality, dylan & cole sprouse, edward cullen, emily browning, etcetra, fantasy far from reality, finally accomplishing perfection, finding the perfect words, flip-flops in summer, fluff and marshmallows, flying, flying off cliffs, flying through airy clouds, fonts, freedom when it suits, fuzzy dice, gaspard ulliel, gingerbread, global warming awareness, harry potter, incredibly loud music, individuality and non-conformity, intelligence and common sense, ipods and music, ipods!, jamba juice, jane austen, japanese stuff, journaling, kleenex, late-night tv, letters, life and its complexities, life is beautiful, literature of romance, loneliness of stray geese, manga, memories, metro station, midnight forest walks, milk by the gallons, munching, music, napping at 4pm, neverending moments, newfallen snow in november, ninjas, novels, o_o, old hollywood stars, paper burger king crowns, paramore, perfectionism, piano, playradioplay!, poetry, pointless pop songs, political incorrectness, presents under the tree, procrastination, quotes that mean something, rainbows after a storm, reading tucked in bed, romantic comedies &cookies, scrabble, shooting stars & meteors, shopping on black friday, sleep deprivation, soup, sparkly bits of plastic, sunny days, superheroes!, surrealism, swimming, tea, the world, thinking of uselessness, tonight is goodbye, travelling, truthful compliments, tucked away journals, tutorials, twilight, unpredictabile averageness, unrequited&true love, vanilla and cinnamon candles/scents, victorian designs, waiting, water, web design, web design in notebook, winter vistas, wishes at 11:11, wishing on stars, xd., yearbook, yoga, you, zomgoodness, ♥.